Moderne Familienmodelle werden ab 1. Januar 2023 auch im über hundertjährigen Erbrecht berücksichtigt. Was die Änderungen für erbberechtigte und nahestehende Personen bedeuten und warum es sich empfiehlt, sein Testament gegebenenfalls zu überprüfen, erfahren Sie im Artikel im aktuellen Update 2022.


Our advisers have a longstanding experience with respect to the purchase and sale of middle-sized companies or parts of businesses. We support our clients in the entire transaction process (purchase, sale and transfer) of the business. Among other, we provide you with the following services:

  • Take over the project leadership, coordination and surveillance of the transaction
  • Perform analysis and business valuation of companies
  • Finance and tax planning
  • Consulting regarding the structure and the procedure relating to the execution of the transaction
  • Coordinate, assist and perform the due diligence from various aspects (e.g economical, business, tax, legal, social security etc.)
  • Represent / Assist the client in sale and purchase negotiations
  • Coordinate the negotiations
  • Draft the contracts and further relevant documents (e. g. protocols)


Business valuation

There are many reasons, why companies should perform a business valuation: E. g. the purchase and sale of a company, purchase shares of a company, formation of a company by contributions in kind, mergers, change of executives / shareholders, division of estate and marital legal reasons with respect to companies and tax reasons.

We are experts in various company assessment tools including the net asset value method, the earning rate method, Discounted (Free) Cash Flow method, the Gordon-Growth formula, or the Super-Profit method. Depending on the company and its influencing factors such as industry and life-cycle and range of products and licences and R&D results etc. we will select the appropriate tool or even combine tools in an appropriate way.

Due Diligence Assessment

A due diligence assessment usually emerges during the course of a purchase or sale of a company. The aims are to assess risks early and to increase the success rate of such purchases. In such cases financial, legal, fiscal and economic analyses are made and in-depth market and product research is conducted.

In the course of such, critical facts of law and the relevant risks of the target company must be revealed and certain questions become very important: Does the acquisition make sense at all? Is there any potential for synergies and can that synergy be realised? Are there any extraordinary risks or deficits in the target company which might be a dealbreaker and endanger the transaction? Are there any tax traps or opportunities? Has the financing been secured? Does the contract cover all essential risks and facts?

For these demanding tasks our consultants with a generalist overview are extremely suitable and can also reach out to specialists from our team to answer specific questions. Such structure forms the basis for the success of your acquisition.

Succession planning

To be successful in the long term, succession planning must be considered as a central strategic point. With respect succession planning, we review all relevant aspects like the corporate, financial, legal and psychological aspects and are at your side any time, from the situation analysis through to the selection of a successor and implementation of the plan. Although, many companies often ignore this, as a general rule, the succession planning is easier and more advantageous if it is starting earlier than later.


Energetische Sanierungsmassnahmen an der selbst bewohnten Liegenschaft sind steuerlich interessant, weil sie abzugsfähig sind. Unklarheit herrscht zuweilen, wenn es um die Realisation einer eigenen Photovoltaikanlage (PV-Anlage) geht.

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Zusätzliche freiwillige Leistungen – sogenannte Fringe Benefits – werden bei Arbeitnehmern immer beliebter. Die Möglichkeiten sindvielfältig. Wir zeigen Wissenswertes zum Thema auf.

Weitere Themen sind:

  • Transparent geht's am Besten: Eine berufliche Weiterbildung, der Schritt in die berufliche Selbständigkeit oder der Erwerb von Eigentum: Es gibt viele Situationen, in denen ein Erbschaftsvorbezug wertvolle Hilfe leisten kann.
  • Die Mitarbeitenden wirkungsvoll unterstützen: Eine frühzeitige Auseinandersetzung mit der Pensionierung ist hilfreich. Wir fassen zusammen, wie Sie Ihre Mitarbeitenden als Arbeitgeber dabei proaktiv begleiten können. 

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