The licensed audit experts of Forensis Treuhand AG have a proven professional competence and long-standing experience in assisting Swiss companies. As a modern auditor, Forensis Treuhand AG carries responsibility actively. Our activities is not only limited to attesting the annual financial statements, we also set priorities, identify actively possibilities to improve and provide you with practical solutions.

Forensis Treuhand AG is member of EXPERTsuisse and TREUHAND|SUISSE and is a licensed audit expert, approved by the Federal Audit Oversight Authority (RAB-No. 500221),

Limited audit

A limited audit is usually mandatory to SME companies regardless of their legal form (with the exception of individual enterprises which do not need to be audited). This limited audit applies to all companies which do not have their annual statements officially audited by a regular audit.

The limited audits consist of questionings, analytical substantive procedures and appropriate detail examinations. The audit will inform whether any aspects are not in line with legal requirements of the annual statement.

Companies with less than 10 full-time employees on annual average request for a complete dispensation of any kind of audits (opting out).

Ordinary audit

A regular audit is mandatory to have the annual statements audited by an auditing body. This rule applies regardless of the legal form of the company but depends on the size and the financial power.

A regular audit of the financial statements is especially legally mandatory for medium sized to large companies, in the following cases (see article 727 paragraph 1 of the Swiss code of obligations):

  1. publicly traded companies; these are companies that:
    1. have shares listed on a stock exchange,
    2. have bonds outstanding,
    3. contribute at least 20 per cent of the assets or of the turnover to the consolidated accounts of a company in terms of letter a or b;
  2. companies that exceed two of the following thresholds in two successive financial years:
    1. balance sheet total of 20 million francs,
    2. sales revenue of 40 million francs,
    3. 250 full-time positions on annual average;
  3. companies that are required to prepare consolidated accounts

The regular and ordinary audits differ mainly in scope of the audit, the report, disclosure duty and the requirements concerning the independence. These tasks and requirements of an ordinary audit are considerably more demanding and we would be glad to support you.

Special audits

Protecting investors and creditors carries considerable weight in Switzerland. For that reason, there are various rules concerning the transactions of private capital. As consultants we can assist you in searching for capital acquisition and restructuring formalities. We can show you which options exist and what their respective advantages and disadvantages are.

As audit experts, we will review transactions and ensure that they are in accordance with the law.