The term “Family office” has its origin in the Anglo-Saxon countries. In the narrower sense, “Family office” relates to wealthy families which found companies to manage their private and corporate assets in an optimal way. Nowadays, the term family office generally refers to wealthy customers allocating a mandate to an independent person to manage their assets.

Following consideration of all relevant aspects, the customer’s assets are to be managed optimally and discreetly. Some customers wish to discuss all steps in detail and desire updated real time information while other customers define cornerstones together with us and leave the day-to-day business to us.

Our consultants can deliver solutions to all individual problems and would also be happy to enter a long-term working partnership.


At the beginning of such family office services, the decision of residency and domicile for natural and legal persons is pending. This decision depends on various criteria such as personal preferences for surroundings, accessibility and tax burden. While considering those factors, suitable property often also needs to be found.

Our consultants will define your wishes together with you and find a property tailored to your needs. At your request, we are also happy to take care of all the necessary administrative duties.

Financial planning and consulting

A central service of the family office is the financial planning and consulting. Based on your personal situation we will assist you in setting your goals and assessing risks according to which we can then set our tasks. All categories of investment options can be examined as part of our services.

Our consultants can draw on their profound knowledge and if necessary, also fall back on service partners of Forensis Treuhand AG. This ensures that you receive excellent input in all areas (real estate, shares, stocks, insurances, art etc.). Of course, we will always keep you up to date with a reporting tailored to your needs on the status quo of your assets.

Tax consulting

All services related to the area of family office will always keep tax optimisations in mind. This ensures that investments which seem lucrative at a first glance do not turn into mediocre or even bad investments because of high taxes.

Our consultants have excellent training and considerable experience in order to recognise and optimise risks and opportunities.