To achieve an efficient cost management optimising the tax burden is vital. As one of the first steps, the value added taxes (VAT) need to be analysed because the VAT is levied on the turnover and not on the profit.

In particular for international companies, it is difficult to keep an overview of all the different tax regulations. Mostly, the corporate issues are complex and the laws are complicated. Not recognising risks in VAT can easily endanger the survival of a company. Building a comprehensive strategy which is geared towards each company separately is fundamental for the success of the company.

Forensis Treuhand AG sets standards in VAT consulting: Our experienced team will support you every step of the way and can offer practical solutions tailored to your business model:

  • VAT returns and reconciliation of turnover and input tax
  • VAT review
  • VAT representation
  • VAT risk management
  • VAT solutions by industry or trade
  • VAT solutions for corporations and counselling on mergers and acquisitions
  • VAT auditing assistance with the Swiss Federal Tax Administration and representation in appeal procedures