Without sufficient funding, even the best and most modern business concepts cannot be realised. This basic principle applies to all stages of the life cycle (launch, expansion, consolidation, recapitalisation etc.) of a company. Our financial advisors will assess which combination of financing is the most appropriate (external financing with own or borrowed capital and/or internal financing with self-acquired capital).

In this context we will analyse not only economic aspects but also legal and tax aspects in order to develop and recommend an optimal solution for you. We will also provide the necessary tools necessary such as business plans, the planned profit and loss statements, balance sheet as well as liquidity plans.

Economic Crime Detection

Economic crimes pose an increasing threat to companies. According to statistics, more than half of these crimes are committed by employees. The crimes are often discovered by accident. To avoid possible financial losses in your company, we can check actively for possible crimes and can help you establish or improve your internal control mechanisms. Our consultants will act with special diligence and discretion.