Nowadays, a professional representation of the building owners has become more and more important. When dealing with complex projects, having a principal representative who can act as a link between the principal and the partners of the construction project is indispensable.

An independent representation of building owners is very useful for private and institutional investors and building cooperatives and includes e.g. the monitoring of a building project during all phases starting with the strategic planning and ending with the maintenance of the property.

Construction fiduciary services

Together with our experts, we provide you with construction fiduciary services, starting from the estimate of costs to the building settlement.

Our services relating to construction fiduciary includes amongst others:


  • Consulting with respect to the construction and purchase of income property and private home
  • Clarify of possibilities to use and overbuild real estates with the responsible authorities
  • Review of estimate of costs
  • Evaluate of financing possibilities
  • Review of the implications of owner forms, building law and taxes
  • Conventional financing solutions with purchase costs and incidentals
  • Home ownership promotion options with using funding from the professional insurance savings or pillar 3
  • Calculate reasonableness
  • Criteria of (enfeoffment) financing and securities
  • Long-term view of the financial burden
  • Amortization concepts considering tax consequences
  • Obtaining financing offers
  • Review of purchase prices and cost estimates / offers
  • Negotiations with different Banks
  • Tailored financing solutions
  • Construction accounting
  • Financial accounting: Reviewing and handling bills approved by the architect until the approval for payment
  • Handling the accounts regarding the construction and review of tenders
  • Ongoing control of bills, potential guarantee deposits and review of the final invoice
  • Managing timeline and quality control


Sale and purchase

Buying or selling real estate includes various duties and we are happy to take them over for you. Thanks to our considerable experience in the industry we know the market and its trends and can directly access the defined target group.

We know the regional and national market together with the components of “supply and demand” considering the situation on the financial markets and the market developments. We react flexibly and offer first class services.

Thanks to our remarkable network and marketing activities, targeted at the defined groups, we can assist you in realizing the sale within a short timeline. We assist, inform and support you during the whole process.