Our services include among other the following:

Payroll administration

  • Payroll accounting
  • Prepare monthly payslips
  • Prepare of monthly wage payments
  • Prepare regular statistics regarding wage costs
  • Maintain personnel and payroll master data
  • Register and communicate changes with the OAS / AHV (old-age and survivors insurance), pension funds and other social authorities
  • Prepare Tax at source statements
  • Handle cases of illness and accident from social security point of view correctly
  • Prepare year end statements for the social security authorities
  • Prepare the legally mandatory salary statements
  • Document salary statements in case of a potential OAS audit

HR administration

  • Prepare administration analyses
  • Develop of strategy papers
  • Prepare requirements specifications / Job description
  • Develop concepts for employee assessments
  • Drafting of employment contract
  • Obtaining work and residence permits
  • Develop work time models
  • Prepare expense regulations
  • Provide answers on legal matters relating to labour law
  • Develop employment regulations

Talent acquisition

  • We support with targeted personnel recruitment and pre-selection processes in the areas of finance and accounting, marketing, HR and administration.
  • We support you not only with recruiting new employees but also with introducing clearly structured and repeatable processes which can be implemented by each of your employees and the effectiveness of which is verifiable.
  • We can support the introduction and training of the newly acquired employees.

Social security consulting

  • We offer consulting, courses and concept development with respect to social security as well as professional and private insurances.
  • We consult on all social insurance issues, including coverage and claims
  • In matters of social insurance issues, we advise private persons who find themselves in special phases in their lives e.g. an interruption in employment, the launch of their own company, activities abroad, the starting of a family, divorce, health or age-related retirement.