As a result of cross-border situations, tax questions might arise when goods or services are delivered respectively performed which should be assessed. Many of tax relevant processes might be regulated by (bilateral) treaties (e. g. double tax treaties).

In case a Swiss company expands its business activities abroad and creates cross-border structures the tax aspects to consider multiply. There might be questions of the tax relevant aspect of transferring substance abroad, the optimised repatriation of profits, the appropriate transfer prices or the social security contributions which have to be considered.

Among other, in such cases, our international versed tax advisers can assist, that our clients need not the learn the hard way. Our services are:

  • Planing and implementation of cross-border group structures
  • Planning and implementation of finance structures
  • Create cross-border delivery and services chains (considering turnover and custom duties)
  • Evaluation of transfer pricing in group structures
  • Transfer of employees
  • Clarifications regarding social security


In general, Expats are generally understood as an employee which is a senior executive or an expert with special professional qualifications who is temporarily assigned to Switzerland by his foreign employer. Our services for expatriates include delivering important services such as in the complex area of taxes and social insurances as well as support to find  adequate apartments or houses.

Further, the evaluation of suitable day-care for the children of expatriates or membership of sports or social clubs is something we can take care of. You and your employees are relieved from all administrative and legal burdens. Your employees will feel happy and cared in their new home “Switzerland”.